The village situated by the main road, the last one on the Cres, by the bridge Losinj. In the past have county of Cres and Losinj 20 thousands of people and from 6th century was e residency of the Bishop. The canal, which abbreviated sailing, helped to get important position for town. However, this position did not stay till new age. The new big ships did not fit in channel, so they have to find different ways. The beginning of the end happen when the control of islands was delegate in Cres (before 500 years – dominion of Venezia).

Lately tourism helped to get popularity. The most beautiful is the square and its vista point the cathedral of St. Maria. It has a value collection of painters and old codex. The town hall is located at square as well.

The great atmosphere shines mainly at the Osor music nights. The rotary bridge is the one of the tourist point.
Island Cres - OsorIsland Cres - Osor
Island Cres - OsorIsland Cres - Osor
Island Cres - Osor
Osor on an old map